Boomer Volunteer Engagement

Tap Into the Boomer Volunteer Boom

Introducing a step-by-step guide to involving skilled Boomers in your work from some of the field's top experts and co-produced by VolunteerMatch.

Jill Friedman Fixler and Sandie Eichberg, with Gail Lorenz, CVA

Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Collaborate Today, Thrive Tomorrow is a groundbreaking, step-by-step guide to engaging skilled Boomer volunteers, including:

  • Boomer research that is current, relevant, and applicable to your organization
  • A step-by-step guide toward measurable results
  • 14 downloadable PDF worksheets, including work plan and progress report templates

NOTE: Together with its companion Facilitator's Tool Kit, this guide provides organizations with everything they need to tap into the abundance of goodwill and skilled support of today's older adult volunteers. 

Praise for the Books

"This Tool Kit builds on the success of Boomer Volunteer Engagement by providing the exercises, meeting agendas, and context for utilizing skilled volunteers as facilitators of a capacity-building initiative. With so many individuals seeking ways to serve, there's no better time than now to harness them as volunteers to lead your organization's Volunteer Engagement Initiative." - Greg Baldwin, President, VolunteerMatch

"In a time when all nonprofits are facing economic challenges and increased demand for services, this program provides a strategic solution. Through this model of partnering professional and volunteer staff, we have developed and launched several new programs that help local nonprofits recognize and utilize volunteers as a critical resource in addressing societal needs." - Kristy Judd, Executive Director, Metro Volunteers

"Those who adopt the principles in this book will help create a new model for the second half of life, but more important, they will reap the benefits of Boomer energy, experience, and talent to meet their missions. They will reach more children, build more affordable homes, treat more sick people, and engage more allies to support their work. They will be better positioned to succeed." - Marc Freedman, Founder and CEO of Civic Ventures and Co-founder of The Purpose Prize and Experience Corps

"The world of volunteering is changing and those working with volunteers must change with it. This guidebook provides an excellent roadmap for leaders and organizations to follow in transforming the Age Boom into the Resource Boom." - Tom Endres, Vice President, Civic Engagement, National Council on Aging

"Tapping into the experience, passion, and skills of Boomers will revolutionize the civic sector. This book is a framework and guide to unleashing that power." - Michelle Nunn, CEO, Points of Light Institute

Available in two formats: