Nonprofit Insights: Greg Baldwin Shares Common Challenges in Screening Volunteers

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Thursday, April 27, 2017
11:00am - 12:00pm Pacific / 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern
60 minutes
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What role do background screens play in overall risk management for your organization? Who pays for them and for which roles? How do volunteers feel about being screened? And are all “background check” services created equal?

In this Q&A-style webinar, VolunteerMatch President Greg Baldwin will address common challenges nonprofits face when screening volunteers — including boardroom discussions, implementing new processes, value vs. cost, and gaps in traditional background screens that increase vulnerability, or worse yet, threaten your community.

We’ll invite attendees to submit their questions about screening practices and identify best practices for verifying identity and checking criminal records. Greg will share detailed results from two surveys recently facilitated by VolunteerMatch on the topic of background screening practices.

In the survey we sent nonprofits, for example, more than 30% said they don’t currently run criminal or background screens, yet more than 90% of volunteers feel positively about participating in the screening process. We’re talking about screening volunteers and want to keep the conversation going because avoiding these conversations can come at a cost. Better screening practices lead to a healthy nonprofit sector, letting you focus on what you enjoy doing most — changing our world by engaging volunteers.

What You'll Learn: 

● Understanding common challenges nonprofits face when screening volunteers.

● How nonprofits and volunteers across America feel about identity assurance.

● What makes a great background check (and what doesn’t) along with new solutions for nonprofit screening practices.

Who Should Attend: 
  • Leaders of Volunteers
  • Nonprofit Professionals
  • Volunteer Program Managers
Thursday, April 27, 2017


Greg Baldwin is the President of VolunteerMatch. Greg joined the founding team in 1998 as its Chief Imagination Officer. Today, Greg oversees the expansion of a network that is already serving 100,000+ nonprofits, 150+ enterprise clients, and a quarter of a million interested volunteers a week.

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