Webinar FAQ 


Webinar Dates and Times

All our webinars begin at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern time. If you are unsure what time it is for you, you can find a time zone converter here


I registered for a webinar but did not receive a confirmation email

Please check your spam folder. If you registered with a different email address, or incorrectly entered one, please register again.


What are the system requirements for joining a webinar?

See GoToWebinar’s support page for system requirements.


I am having trouble joining a webinar 

Please make sure you have calculated the start time correctly, or you can contact the Gotowebinar support department here


If you cannot attend the webinar, you do not need to let us know or cancel your registration.


I missed a webinar. When will it happen again?

Most webinars will repeat in the future. We post new dates as they are scheduled. You can find all upcoming dates and titles on the Learning Center.


Where can I find the slides and other resources for this webinar?

All slides and resources can be found under the webinar’s name on the Learning Center. You will also receive a follow up email an hour after the webinar with the slides and other resources.


Do you record your webinars?

We do not.


Confirmation of Attendance

We do not send you a certificate for completing the webinar; however, we have an agreement with CCVA to provide PDUs. To claim PDUs for a webinar, you will need to keep the follow-up we send to you. We are unable to resend this email or provide additional verification of attendance.


The webinar has started, and I cannot hear anything

Try closing out unused browsers, signing out of the webinar, and coming back in. There is also a phone option to call in and hear the audio. Refer to your initial registration confirmation email for the number and pin. 


How do I join the nonprofit mailing list?

Click the ‘subscribe’ button at the top of the Learning Center.


If you have any more questions please email education@volunteermatch.org

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